Donation Locations

City Team Ministries    
(503) 231-9334
Portland, OR 97214
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Portland Rescue Mission    503-906-7690
Portland, OR 97209
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VETS (Veterans Emergency Transitional Shelter)     
Portland, OR 97204
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Transition Projects TPI    
Portland, OR 97209
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Salvation Army Female Emergency Shelter (SAFES)     
Portland, OR 97209
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Yolanda House For Women and Children    
Portland, OR 97205
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Goose Hollow Family Shelter    
Portland, OR 97201
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Bradley Angle House For Women and Children    
Portland, OR 97217
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Council for the Homeless    (360)993-9561
Vancouver, WA 98661
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Good Neighbor Center    
(503) 443-6084
Tigard, OR 97223
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Gates of Grace    
Vancouver, WA 98662
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Clackamas Women's Services    
Oregon City, OR 97045
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My Father's House Community Shelter    
(503) 492-3046
Gresham, OR 97030
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Community Action Family Shelter    
(503) 648-6646
Hillsboro, OR 97214
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Please let us know of other assistance programs we can add to this site!

Who's Giving


Rockin2Give's Mission
To build a network of selfless, big-hearted bands, venues and/or events that work together to collect items for those in need.

Download this art
to start collecting
for those in need

It's that simple.
Download and add this art
to all promotional material
and your website to encourage your fan-base to bring coats
and gloves to your gigs.

How Does Rockin2Give Work?
Rockin2Give is a non-profit identity that can be used to collect goods for those in need. All bands, venues and/or events need to do is take the items brought to the event to those in need.

Seriously...that's it! No cost to anyone to participate...just a little selflessness.

Who Can Participate?
Any band, venue and/or event that is committed to collecting items and giving to those in need.

How Do You Get involved?
Very cool that you are interested in giving!
There is absolutely no costs, memberships...nothing!
Just your willingness to accept donations and
distribute what you get. Done!


1. Want To Help

2. Download the art
All you'll need to do is add the art to all of your promo stuff
(posters, Facebook posts, websites, etc...) and print out the sign
to put on a large collection box or barrel.

3. Stand And Deliver
Take the donations to your nearest and dearest cause.
There are some suggestions to the left, but if you've got one in mind,
go for it! All we care about is that we all can take care of others in need.

What's In It For My Band?
Not much, other than being a part of a giving family of bands that work together to help others in need.

Eventually, we hope to gain regional and national respect as a very simple, yet effective system of giving.

How Did Rockin2Give Start?
Rockin2Give was started by a group of musicians and bands from the Portland, Oregon area that wanted to work together to collect items for those in need. We created a simple identity that all bands can use to encourage their fans to donate items to those in need. Rockin2Give is not, and never will be, anything other than a trusted donation identity.

If you would like more info about Rockin2Give,
please email us at